Russian traditional bear hunting "in the lair"

baikal hunting tour

The highlight of the trip

Russian traditional bear hunting

Wild Baikal nature

Baikal and Irkutsk sightseeing

Tasting of traditional Baikal tinctures

Taiga fitobath (banya)

Travel geography

Baikal bear hunting tour "in the lair" is an ancient traditional Russian hunting. It is entertaining and extreme hunting! In the old days - only the brave hunters went on such a hunt. And the peasants, who had no firearms, went hunting for bear in the den with a spear!!!. In addition to this old Russian "fun", you will plunge into the legendary winter beauty of lake Baikal and get acquainted with its attractions. On request we organize interesting tour program, whether a meeting with a real Buryat shaman (which according to legends turns into a bear) and visit the most popular and sacred places of lake Baikal

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