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In summer, reindeer are raised in the high mountain zone of the Baikal mountains to escape the midges from the taiga of the foothills. Here the Queens is the calving and summer feeding grounds on the tundra pastures of all age and sex groups. Being located on the remaining snowfields (environmental feature), it is clearly visible from a long distance, which makes it easy enough to approach an acceptable distance for filming or pre-arrange a shelter for photography and filming near their permanent place of lying on the snow.

  • Tour program (click to expand)

    Time: may-November

    Basic duration: 9 days / 10 nights


    Group size: up to 6 people (more - when placed in tents)


    Number of accompanying persons: from 2 persons

    Day 1

    1. Meeting at the airport of Irkutsk, acquaintance with the guide;


    2. Transfer to Olkhon island by individual car. Scenic views of the Tazheran steppes and dense coniferous forests will open on the way;


    3. Lunch in a roadside cafe with national Buryat cuisine;


    4. Ferry crossing to Olkhon island, transfer to Khuzhir village on Olkhon;


    5. Accommodation in hotel. The level of the hotel is determined in advance, individually with each group


    6. Dinner at the hotel restaurant, free time, rest

    Day 2

    1. Breakfast in the hotel restaurant. After that, we will go to the reconstructed old Buryat village, where we will be shown the early life of the Buryat family, acquainted with local customs, treated to traditional festive white food;


    2. Walk to the local Shrine-rock "Shaman". This attraction tend to visit all the people traveling to lake Baikal. According to legend, the spirit of the master of the island lives in the Shaman rock, and in order to appease him, the Buryats previously made sacrifices to him;


    3. Transfer to the ship on which we will sail to hard-to-reach places of photo-hunting.  Along the way, on the ship, visit the mysterious island of Ogoi where one of the main Buddhist shrines - stupa enlightenment.


    4. Visit the Ushkan Islands, where the largest rookeries of the Baikal seal are located. Local attractions, wildlife photography at the seal. Immediately after that, we go to the ship, where we are waiting for a delicious lunch of Baikal fish;


    5. Continuation of travel on a ship. Arrival at Bay. Supper. The night on the ship.

    Day 3

    1. Breakfast on the ship, then leave the coast of lake Baikal and delve into the mountains. We rise to a height of 1400m. (4.5 -5 hours incl. break for rest and lunch).


    2. After rising in mountain tundra, light feasible shortest route reconnaissance of the situation before the upcoming photoshoot. After we determine the location of the deer on the snowfields, go to the cabin for the night (the path will take 2.5 hours).

    For the photo expedition of the next day.


    3. By 19.00 we reach the winter quarters. Location, dinner, free time.


    Traditional Siberian hunting cabin. It can accommodate up to 6 people.

    The room has a traditional deck of chopped

    boards with rubber mats and sleeping bags, which are located

    2-3 people.

    Day 4 - 7

    1. After Breakfast we go to the selected area shooting in the mountain tundra;


    2. Photo hunt for reindeer from a pre-organized shelter. Field lunch. Continuation of the photo hunt. In addition to reindeer can get Wolverine, wolves, bears, eagles and other animals;


    Routes will be adjusted on a daily basis, based on where will be the most likely to meet the greatest number of animals. There is also the possibility of photography and filming in the sun

    close to the winter quarters.


    3. Return to the cabin. Supper. Rest

    Day 8

    1. Breakfast, the descent from the cabin to the shore of lake Baikal, where we will have to wait for the ship.


    2. Provides transportation by boat to Olkhon island. Lunch and dinner on the ship.


    3. Night on the ship, or in a hotel on Olkhon (determined in advance, individually with each group).

    Day 9

    1. Breakfast, transfer by individual car to Irkutsk. In the way of lunch with traditional Buryat cuisine;


    2. Hotel accommodation (the level is agreed in advance, individually with each group);


    3. Dinner at the hotel restaurant. Free time that can be devoted to a walk around Irkutsk.

    Day 10

    1. Breakfast in the hotel restaurant;


    2. Transfer to the airport by individual car (no more than 20 minutes);


    3. Farewell.

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