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The snow leopard is an unusual cat, among other large predatory cats the snow leopard is allocated with long, dense and soft wool but, despite fur splendor, looks slender, graceful animal. Leopard on a number of signs occupies an intermediate position between large and small cats. With big cats the snow leopard makes a pattern on the head, manner of keeping the tail when the animal is calm, and a number of anatomical features. But the leopard, like other small cats, can purr; the pose that the animal takes, eating, also makes it related to small cats.

  • Tour program (click to expand)

    Time: all year


    Basic duration: 9 days / 10 nights


    Group size: up to 7 people (more - when placed in tents)


    Number of accompanying persons: from 3 persons, including the cook

    Day 1

    1. Arrival at Irkutsk airport, where you will be met by a guide

    and accompanying scientists biologists studying the leopard;


    2. Transfer by individual comfortable off-road car to

    To the Eastern Sayans, on the way we observe domestic yaks, we get acquainted with the local nation of Soets. Along the way – lunch at a roadside cafe with traditional Buryat cuisine, or a picnic on the Bank of a mountain river;


    3.Hiking in the most beautiful places to the cabin, located in the remote

    areas of the Eastern Sayan mountains (10 km, journey time, stopping to rest about 6 hours). According to preliminary

    according to the agreement, this way can be passed by horse or helicopter from Irkutsk. Accompanying guides will facilitate tourists as much as possible,

    or at all-will help to bring all things guests.


    4. Arrival to the winter quarters, located among the picturesque

     the Tunka bald mountains, on the banks of a mountain stream. Accommodation. Lunch.

    Gatherings around the fire, the story of researchers about the snow leopard, instruction on safety and technology of photo-hunting on the snow leopard;


    Traditional Siberian hunting cabin. Comfortably accommodates up to 7 people. Beds are a traditional flooring of chopped boards with rubber mats and sleeping bags, which are located on 3 people. The cabin is equipped with wood heating.


    The staff lives separately in the tent.

    Day 2-7

    1. After Breakfast, we go to the installation of photo traps. The scientists accompanying the tour will devote us to the intricacies of their settings. So, during these days we will make foot exits on routes which will be defined by scientists proceeding from the greatest probability of a meeting with a leopard. On the routes we will also observe traces of the life of the leopard - its traces, excrement, marks on the stones (which have a surprisingly pleasant smell), ureters, "scrapes" and skeletons of animals eaten by him.


    Along the way, conduct a photoshoot goats, pikas, ulars (mountain turkeys), rabbits, musk deer and moose.


    Meals will take place on the route or at the base. It should be noted that some of the severity of the area will be compensated by excellent food: red caviar, kebabs, nuts, fruit, honey, always in thermos (including Hiking) will be hot tea and coffee for lunch-a little good wine or brandy;


    During the expedition, with prior arrangement, it is possible to organize fishing on a mountain lake or mountain river, where well caught flax and grayling, from which you can cook a great fresh sagudai with lemon and orange juice, or bake fresh fish on the fire;


    Cellular communication works well in the research area. And for negotiations between groups there are walkie-talkies.

    Day 8

    1. Breakfast, after which you can go fishing on a mountain lake or river, and catch local grayling and Lenkov, which at will-will help you to salt, so you can take them home and at home at the table, enjoying the taiga ecologically

    pure fish-remember the expedition to the snow leopard;


    2. Fees, Hiking to the road (about 10 km, travel time about 6 hours), where you will have to wait for individual transport. Possible descent on horseback, or return to Irkutsk by helicopter.

    Accompanying guides will facilitate tourists as much as possible, or at all-will help

    bring all the guests ' things.


    3. Taiga lunch or picnic before departure;


    4. Transfer by individual car to Irkutsk. Check – in at the hotel (the level of the hotel is discussed individually with each group), if desired-accommodation on the shore of lake Baikal in Listvyanka.


    For safety, guests are insured with the possibility of air evacuation in case of accidents.

    Day 9

    1. Breakfast in the hotel restaurant, after which we go on a tour of Irkutsk:

    - visit ancient churches in Irkutsk

    - visit to the prison cell where Admiral Kolchak was detained

    - visiting the Museum of exiled Decembrists


    2. Lunch at the cafe, continuation of the tour:

    - visit to the estate of Irkutsk mayor of the XIX century

    - visit the ice breaker "Angara", which 100 years ago was transported across Baikal from port Listvyanka Tankhoi trains that went East people and ammunition for the army of the Russian Empire during the Russo-Japanese war of the early XX century

    - visit the whole reconstructed quarter of merchant architecture with souvenir shops, restaurants and a Mall.

    3. Gala dinner at an ethnic restaurant. Return to the hotel.

    Day 10

    1. Breakfast at hotel. Transfer by individual cars to the airport. Farewell. Departure.

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