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Would you like to visit Lake Baikal and enjoy a truly vivid journey? Or would you like to get acquainted with the real wild nature of the lake, and merge with it, getting acquainted with its charming inhabitants? Or do you want to fill the lungs with the truly clean, unspoiled civilization with the air of wild Baikal? Or maybe you are a hunter who travels the world in search of new hunting trophies and impressions? Or a passionate fisherman who once listened to the fish riches of the lake, long dreamed of finding themselves with a fishing rod on the shore of Lake Baikal, after a hot taiga bath to jump into the cold water of the cleanest lake in the world ... Or, together with old friends, go on a real fishing expedition to compete with hefty Tamen and untouched nature of the Baikal region?


To implement such wishes of true nature lovers, our company was established. Her team consists of experienced organizers of individual travels around Lake Baikal, biologists-hunting specialists, tour administrators, ichthyologists, and rangers-instructors. All these people know the nature of Lake Baikal and are able to surprise even the most demanding to the comfort and service of VIP persons. We are great patriots of our small homeland, passionate about our profession and the idea of ​​preserving the natural resources of Baikal, which few people can get to know.


Of all the tourist companies that invite tourists to Baikal, we stand out for our specialization: we do not offer banal tours "to Olkhon" and "to Listvyanka" with cheap accommodation in hotels and an early return to Irkutsk. We give our guests the real value of merging with such a beautiful, mysterious and legendary lake, we give an opportunity to see the true face of Baikal, its nature, inhabitants, the way of life of indigenous peoples, their hunting and fishing on the shores of the sacred Lake Baikal, paying much attention to safety (we insure all our Tourists with the possibility of air evacuation even from the most remote places), to the service (we take care of all the concerns from obtaining visas and selecting a language guide, up to permits for the import of hunting weapons and the export of hunting trophies from Russia) and Care of tourists (we provide all necessary equipment, we feed exceptionally tasty and healthy food). At the same time, guests demanding increased comfort, we offer an individual tour organization, where even the most seemingly impossible wishes are realized: be it the delivery of a chef and waiters of one of the best restaurants in Irkutsk by helicopter to your breakfast on a fishing trip in the remote Siberian taiga, or The organization of showers with hot water and biotoilets in the "jeep" - an expedition in the north of Lake Baikal.


At the same time, the cost of our tours remains quite affordable.


Vladislav Lee

Project manager (english speaking)

Maxim Anikin

Travel organizer, game manager

Olga Horoshih

Travel organizer

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