gastronomic tours and excursions on lake Baikal

Gastronomic tours

   Recently, around the world is gaining a new format of tourism - gastronomic. Lake Baikal was no exception. Such tourism here can be implemented as a specially designed travel, and take place in the form of excursions within any other tour.


What, if not food can tell about the culture of the people, its customs and traditions?! And most importantly-these tours will literally touch the history and taste the traditional national dishes. Thus, more than 4 nationalities live on the sacred sea, and each has its own history and culinary traditions. They are united by the fact that the most environmentally friendly products are used, without chemical additives. And due to the fact that the locals of the lake were mainly engaged in cattle breeding and hunting, it is no wonder that in their homes were mainly products from nutritious animal products.

   Milk is also revered in the culinary culture of local peoples - sweets, tonic drinks and even a specific vodka, called - "tarasun", are made from it. In addition to milk, special mention deserve the poses (or boozy) - the pride of Buryatia and, indeed, delicacy. However, in addition to national dishes, on Baikal you can try the so - called "Baikal" cuisine-dishes prepared exclusively from fish and animals living exclusively on lake Baikal, cooked according to special Siberian recipes. Such, above all, is the saguday of the legendary Baikal omul, izyubrinoe steak, raskolotka of the white grayling and many more... It may seem that the local dishes are fat and high-calorie. However, this was a consequence of the long Siberian winter, which imposed its color on the tradition of food.

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