"From under the screw"

Baikal lake fishing tour


Active gambling fishing on a large Baikal grayling


Baikal lake fishing cruise

Rest in the warm company of your friends on the remote shore of lake Baikal

Tasting of freshly caught grayling and Baikal tinctures


Banya (spa) right on the shore of lake


This bright short fishing trip was specially designed for those who for some reason can not go on a long fishing tour on lake Baikal. Including it is ideal for people who are on a business trip in Irkutsk! In this tour we will make a fishing cruise with stops to visit the most beautiful places and a real fishing on the Baikal grayling from under the screw. After that, right on the wild shore of lake Baikal, we will take a steam bath in the taiga, after which you can rush into the icy crystal clear water of the lake, taste the traditional Baikal tinctures and freshly prepared grayling on the fire! In the fresh Baikal air, in solitude with the closest friends - this is a unique amazing experience that will help to gain strength for new achievements!


  • Tour program (click to expand)

    Time: may-October (except spawning period from April 25 to June 25)


    Basic duration: 2 days/1 night


    Group size: up to 18 people


    Number of accompanying persons: from 3 persons

    Day 1

    1. Meeting with organizers in Irkutsk;


    2. Transfer by individual bus to Listvyanka (about 1.5 hours);


    3. Visit the architectural Museum Taltsy-village, where a unique collection of ancient Russian and Buryat huts, manors and other buildings;


    4. Visit to the Baikal Museum in Listvyanka;


    5. Visit the souvenir market. Lunch in a cafe with traditional Baikal cuisine;


    6. Walking to the pier, where we are waiting for the ship (about 100 m); transfer by ship to the place of fishing, during which we can have a picnic on the deck of the ship. Fishing;


    7. Transfer by ship to a secluded Bay on lake Baikal to a place of picnic and bath. Picnic, rest by the fire. Night on the ship;


    The class of the ship is determined individually with each group. In the basic offer it is a motor ship of class "Yaroslavets". It was specially built for transportation of tourists and fishing on lake Baikal. For greater passenger comfort, special attention was paid to the decoration of cabins, a low-noise engine was installed, additional fuel tanks and modern navigation were supplied for long voyages and expeditions. Convenient entrance to the forward cabin.

    The ship and his team have established themselves as professionals on whom you can rely in a variety of situations, respectful of personal space and the comfort of the tourists. Even with cruises in stormy conditions, tourists received only positive feedback. The ship has 2 bathrooms (toilet/shower) and a mini - sauna.

    Day 2

    1. Breakfast on Board. Transfer by ship to Listvyanka or Irkutsk;


    2. Lunch on the ship deck;


    3. Transfer by individual bus to Irkutsk (distance 70 km., travel time 1.5 hours)

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