Hunting tours in Russia.

Hunting tours in Russia is a specific branch of economy of Russia where function of means of production is carried out by hunting animals. It is their protection, accounting, reproduction and regulatory use — the main task of modern hunting.

Russia is steadily improving its representation around the world in various spheres of life, from culture, science and technology to business and tourism.

Hunting tourism, numbering hundreds of thousands of fans from all over the world, professionals and Amateurs, does not stand aside.

природа россии

At the same time, the beautiful nature and vastness of the territory with its multifaceted climatic zones from steppes and forests to the polar tundra attract the richness of flora and fauna.

Today we can say with confidence that hunting tourism in Russia can provide not only unique trophies, but also a decent comfortable accommodation.

On average, the price of hunting tours in Russia is at the level of the world and often even more attractive for a foreign guest. You can always choose a hunting tour according to your budget and wishes.

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