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   Wedding is undoubtedly the most important stage in the life of every person, every loving hearts all over the world. And the brighter you celebrate this significant event, according to legends, stronger and happier will be your family life. Moreover, the more interesting and rich will be your wedding, the stronger memories of it will be fixed in the hearts of lovers and invited guests. That is why the We creates extraordinary individual programs of wedding ceremonies in Russia, whether it is an official wedding, honeymoon, anniversary celebration or a symbolic wedding.


One of the most original versions of the celebration will be its celebration in the unique stunning places of our vast planet. So, one of the examples is a oldest lake Baikal situated in Russia, Siberia, shrouded in many mysteries and legends, where Christianity, Buddhism and shamanism are wonderfully combined, and the lake itself fills with its energy and desire for life. All this incredible atmosphere contributes to the emergence in these places truly happy unions between two loving hearts.

Your wedding and journey on the great lake Baikal

   In addition to the fact that the sacred lake Baikal in Russia, is well-known property of all mankind, it can also be a starting point for your happy family. After all, it is here that your event can be richly original, and sometimes unique options that can no longer be offered anywhere in the world: an ice wedding in the temple of the famous pure Baikal ice, ancient wedding ceremonies blessing the Siberian spirits, conducted by hereditary Buryat shamans, Orthodox wedding in the stunningly beautiful ancient Siberian churches, wedding multi-day cruise on comfortable ships and yachts, the blessing of Buddhist monks on the shore, in the middle of the pristine nature of the great lake, a wedding in the bathyscaphe at the bottom of lake Baikal, wedding over the deepest point of the lake (1642 m), excursions, themed photo shoots and much, much more.


If you are determined to make your wedding on lake Baikal, its planning and organization should be approached very carefully. You can do it yourself, or contact specialists with knowledge of the specifics of the region and an understanding of its infrastructure, which will be able to organize a celebration at the highest level. Thus, a clear organization and delicate approach to your wedding professionals will allow you to focus on the exciting anticipation, while all the technical, organizational Affairs and responsibility for the celebration will take over the organizer.


Are you worried about the quality of the wedding organization on lake Baikal? Entrust it to us, and everything will be at the highest level! Perhaps to say that we are "the best of the best" will not be modest, so we just say that we have in the organization and conduct of individual wedding programs quite a lot of experience, in order to make your holiday truly unique, beautiful, bright and memorable, while having the opportunity to offer wedding options on different budgets, with adequate quality prices. Make your choice and marry beautifully!

We will galadly organize:







Airtickets booking







Hotel accommodation for every guest








High level transfers







Organization of on-site ceremony







Development of exclusive invitation design








Development of style, wedding concept and wedding decorations







Wedding menu development






Cosmetologist, hairdresser and stylist. Creating an image for the bride and groom







Order a wedding dress and the necessary attributes







Organization of the show program and its technical equipment







Restaurant reservations, organization catering, or a romantic dinner







Photographer and videographer services

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