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We believe that team building can not be boring, and even more so every time banal and monotonous! If you share our position, it's great - you've come to the right place! Our programs, unlike other offers on the market, contain a unique peppercorn exclusive Safari vacation, mystical Buryat ethnos and a comfortable stay in the virgin nature of lake Baikal. Among them, we will offer options for team building tour for employees of any gender and age (including with children), with sports, intellectual or entertaining bias, thus completely adapting any program under features of your company, or the company of your client.


Our programs, prepared by experts zoologists, hunters and Buryat ethnographers, together with professionals of the tourism industry of lake Baikal, simply can not leave anyone indifferent!

Exclusive teambuilding organization




Siberian hunter initiation




The blessings of the spirits of lake Baikal





The mystery of the white shaman





The salvation of the Bayan, the spirit of the Buryat taiga





Great Baikal gifts




Call of the Buryat steppes





Trail of the Siberian beast





Winter crystal way





On a visit to the Siberian bears


For details and detailed programs of team building programs - contact us right now!

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Ask me right now and I will help you to choose and organize an individual excursion tour on lake Baikal. Ready to answer any questions! Please contact us, and I'll answer you.


Maxim Anikin



Baikal lake individuall tours manager


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