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Baikal abounds in various species of fish. Currently, there are 59 species living in the lake, 27 of them are endemic, i.e. fish from all over the world living only in lake Baikal. Of all the species of Baikal fish about 15 are commercial. The most famous Baikal fish are grayling, omul and whitefish. Much less known to people Baikal sturgeon, taimen and davatchan. For sport fishing on lake Baikal, the most interesting are: omul, davatchan, taimen, whitefish, flax, grayling (in lake Baikal there are 2 subspecies-white and black grayling), pike, perch, burbot, Siberian sturgeon, catfish, bream, carp and others. While the biggest fish of lake Baikal is the Baikal sturgeon - he grows up to two meters long, and weight weight is 140 kg., the Second largest of the Baikal fish is lake trout: he grows up to 1.5 meters in length and gaining weight up to 50 kg. The smallest Baikal fish is considered to be a broad-toothed Gurvich, a Mature individual whose weight does not exceed 3 grams.























 Davatchan   (Salvelinus alpinus erythrinus)
































Black grayling






 White grayling
























































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