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   We believe that properly organized corporate Event creates the necessary emotional capital, due to which employees have a thirst for new achievements, strength to overcome difficulties, increased efficiency and loyalty to the company. And it would not be quite reasonable to use these opportunities for a banal Banquet - a great idea to celebrate such an event can be held in an unusual place, under unusual circumstances.


The ideal option here we see Baikal, with its stunning energy, untouched nature and extensive opportunities for entertainment. It is no secret that many people dream to visit Baikal, and if this trip will be richly exciting corporate program, seasoned with Siberian Buryat ethnos and hunting Safari options, then this Event will be remembered by all members of your team! And management, in turn, will perform its tasks assigned to the corporate.


We can organize your Event on a high level!

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Ask me right now and I will help you to choose and organize an individual excursion tour on lake Baikal. Ready to answer any questions! Please contact us, and I'll answer you.


Maxim Anikin



Baikal lake individuall tours manager


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