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The Izubr is a subspecies of a red deer. Adult males can have the following dimensions: body length 200-230cm,

 height at the shoulders 250-265см, weight up to 250 kg. Females significantly smaller than males. The horns have a length of about 85cm span

80-82cm. There is a 10-14 shoots up to a length of 30cm each. The head is covered with short gray fur. The body is painted in

reddish-brown color. Legs are brown. In winter, the color of the skin changes and becomes silvery-gray.


Moose is one of the most common land animals near the lake. They weigh about

400 killograma, and their growth is 2.5 meters. The male moose grows very large and powerful horns.

They feed on grass in summer, and in winter they extract tree roots and shoots.


ROE deer is one of the most beautiful and elegant animals. It is a small deer with a short body, a little resembling a goat. In summer ROE deer Golden-red color, and in winter their color is replaced by gray. From ROE deer

blunt muzzle and very short tail. Under the tail light wool. Sensing danger, ROE deer highly lift up the tail, a white spot can be clearly seen running behind. Hunters call this blot white mirror


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  • Tour program (click to expand)

    Time: March-October


    Basic duration: 5 days / 4 nights


    Group size: up to 5 people (more - when placed in tents)


    Number of accompanying persons: from 3 persons

    Day 1

    1. Arrival at Irkutsk airport, where you will be met by a guide

    and forestry workers accompanying the tour;


    2. Transfer on individual comfortable off-road

    car to the deer habitat on the shores of lake Baikal;


    3. A brief tour of the places of the upcoming deer hunting;


    4. Accommodation. Lunch. Safety instructions.

    Bath on the Bank of a mountain river. Supper. We will spend the rest of the evening in warm company by the fire.


    In the forest we are located in the guest house of the taiga economy. This is a semi-furnished house with electricity, gas and wood heating. Outside toilet. Beds with clean linens. Nearby there is a bath on the Bank of the taiga stream. The house can accommodate 5 people. Additional accommodation in tents is possible.


    The staff lives in a separate house.

    Day 2

    1. After Breakfast at the base, on the off-road car will go to your favorite places from yesterday visited by deer. There we will feed them mineral mixture (which deer come to feed) before the upcoming photo hunt;


    2. Transfer by off-road car to the mountain river for a picnic and fishing on it. There we can eat kebabs of wild meat, pick taiga berries and catch local grayling and lenochkov;


    3. Return to the base, dinner by the fire, free time.

    Day 3

    1. Breakfast at the base;


    2. Together with the guides we will go to the collection of fragrant Baikal herbs for the traditional bath for local hunters. It specifically went before the hunt to absorb the smells of the forest and go unnoticed for deer;


    3. Visit the phyto-bath before the photo-hunt;


    4. Lunch;


    5. Transfer by individual car to the places of photo-hunting. There we will wait in silence for the deer,which at first will come out of the forest, listening and sniffing in search of strangers. But making sure they are safe will allow us to make stunning photos;


    6. Return to base. Dinner by the fire. Free time, rest.

    Day 4

    1. After Breakfast, you can choose to go fishing on the taiga river or free Hiking photo hunt (squirrels, chipmunks, grouse,

    grouse and other inhabitants of the Baikal taiga).


    2. Lunch at the base, or a picnic on the route of hunting or fishing;


    3. In the evening - repeat the photo hunt for a deer or a photo hunt for a bear (stipulated in advance).


    4. Return to the base, dinner by the fire. Rest.

    Day 5

    1. Breakfast, transfer by individual cars to Irkutsk, to the airport or to the hotel (individually with each group).

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