Baikal Photohunt

photo safari tours

Photo safari tours

Baikal bears

On this tour we will observe Baikal wild bears in their natural habitat, from a secure location at the distance of 15-20 meters! We will catch fresh fish in the Great Lake Baikal specially for them, we'll get a little health in the taiga fitobath on the forest medicinal herb, by the fire we'll meet the Buryat shaman, try traditional Baikal herbal infusions and get really bright impressions from communication with wild Baikal nature and its "owners"- the Siberian bears...


Snow leopard (Irbis)

Photo expedition in search of the endangered mountain cat in its habitat at the Great Lake Baikal. The tour will take place among the stunningly beautiful mountain Valley of the Tunka bald mountains, very similar to the European Alps, where we will look for snow leopard. PhotoHunt will be under the guidance of scientists zoologists dedicated to the study and conservation of snow leopard in the territory of Baikal. Armed with cameras and a special camera traps, we will make such precious photos of cats in their native habitat!


Baikal deers

Wild, slender and graceful deer will pose for us from a very close distance! We will see Manchurian deer, elk, ROE deer and if lucky - even the beautiful musk deer, which has large fangs instead of horns. The tour takes place in a forest on the shore of the Great Lake Baikal. We'll take a steam in the taiga fitobath on the banks of a mountain stream, fishing on the taiga river, plenty of eating kebabs from wild meat, will taste dish called saguday of omul , try the traditional Baikal herbal infusions. And all this in the cleanest air, away from the noisy and dusty cities!


Baikal variety

Very saturated Baikal animals photo tour, taking place in remote North forests of the Great Lake Baikal. In these places, taiga is replaced by tundra, due to which we see not only the indigenous people but also the inhabitants of the tundra zone. On the tour we will be able to see such a rare animal as Wolverine, sable, reindeer, bears, foxes, wolves and other animals. Also visit the famous rookery of the Baikal seals on the Ushkany Islands, where we can have watch these lovely animals.


Baikal pfoto tours

   Baikal is a unique biological complex, and the real wealth of Russia. Therefore for tourists it is of great interest both in the direction of eco-tourism in General and for targeted expeditions for shooting certain species of animals and birds in their native habitat. Photo hunting on lake Baikal has many interesting animals living in it - more than 2.5 thousand species, many of which (exactly 65%) can only be seen here (Baikal endemic species). Thus, every year scientists

discover new species or subspecies of animals - so Baikal is still unknown and unexplored by man. The most famous Baikal animal - his charming flagship - famous Baikal seal (the only seal that lives in the clear fresh water of lake Baikal).


In addition, in the forests on the shores of lake Baikal lives another famous animal - the Barguzin sable, "Russian soft gold" - an animal not found anywhere else in the world, except Siberia. The fur of this small but serious predator the most dark, kind of gray that makes it stand out from all other subspecies of sable, dwelling not on the lake, and makes it the most valuable. To go in search of the sable with the camera we will be able at almost any time of the year, but the most valuable and beautiful photos of the animal, we can make late fall and winter, when sable will dress its so valuable its beauty winter coat playing in their light tints.


Baikal brown bears interesting fotohunter its mass exits at the shore of Baikal lake in May-June, for eating caddis. In addition, they can be observed almost their waking hours on a specially set up sites in our forests. Great interest is a Baikal deers - the manchurian deer, roe deer, elk, musk deer and reindeer.This is a very beautiful graceful animals. Especially the musk deer is interesting for its tusks that males use during fighting during the gon.


Baikal birds, the most interesting for photo hunting, is represented as the raptors (like falcons and Golden eagles), waterfowl and upland game birds. We will be able to watch the grouse, a handsome - grouse during their mating dances and songs, partridges, ducks, directly from the shores of lake Baikal, black grouses and other birds


Hares, foxes, marmots and many other animals are still preserved in great numbers on the shores of the lake, and we invite you to merge with this nature, to absorb the energy of the unspoiled lake, and get a lot of life-time memorable experiences of communicating with wild animals living in the Baikal!



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