The highlight of the trip

The most valuable footage of endangered predator ( 100% chance )

The majestic mountain peaks of the Tunka Valley

A real scientific expedition

Exotic Buryatia in the Tunka valley

Photo hunting on mountain goats and snowcocks

Communication with wild Siberian nature

Travel geography

Snow leopard (Irbis) is a unique cat, among other large predatory cats, the snow leopard stands out a long, thick and soft wool but despite the fluffiness of the fur, looks slim, graceful animal. Irbis on a number of grounds occupies an intermediate position between large and small cats. With big cats the snow leopard has in common with the pattern on the head, manner of holding the tail when the animal is calm, and a number of anatomical features. But leopard and other small cats can purr; the position which the animal takes, eating, also unites him with small cats.

  • Tour program (click to expand)

    Date: the whole year


    Basic duration: 9 days/10 nights


    Group size: up to 7 people (more - in tents)


    The number of escorts: 3 people, including chef


    Day 1

    1. Arrival to Irkutsk airport, where you will meet the guide


    and accompanying the journey scientists biologists studying leopard;


    2. Transfer by private off-road comfortable car to Eastern Sayan Mountains, on the way we'll see domesticated Yak, meet with local people Soyotes. On the way we'll have a lunch at a roadside cafe with traditional Buryat cuisine, or a picnic on the mountain river;


    3.Hiking through the most beautiful places to the hut, located in remote


    areas of the Eastern Sayan mountains (10 km, journey time with stops for rest takes about 6 hours). According to preliminary agreed, this path can be traversed on horseback or by helicopter from Irkutsk. Accompanying guides best facilitate tourists


    or at all - will help to bring all loads.


    4. The arrival to the winter camp, located among the picturesque


    Tunka bald mountains, on the banks of a mountain stream.


    Placement. Lunch. Gatherings around the campfire, talk with scientist about the snow leopard, instructions on safety and techniques of fotohunting the snow leopard;


    Traditional Siberian hunting hut. Comfortably accommodates up to 7 people. Berths are traditional flooring cut boards with rubber mats and sleeping bags which are for 3 people. The hut has a wood heating.


    The wait staff lives alone in the tent.

    Day 2-7

    1. After Breakfast, we depart for the installation of camera traps. Escorts in tours researchers will fill us in on the intricacies of their settings. So, during these days we will be Hiking the exits on routes that will be defined by scientists based on the highest probability of meeting a snow leopard. On the routes we will see the traces of the leopard - his tracks, droppings, marks on the stones (which have a surprisingly pleasant smell), and skeletons of animals eaten by them.


    Along the way we'll take photos of mountain goats, pikas, ulars (mountain turkeys), rabbits, musk deer and moose.


    Food will be on the route, or on the base. It should be noted that some of the harshness of the terrain will be compensated by excellent food: caviar, kebabs, nuts, fruits, honey, always in flasks (including the campaign) will be hot coffee and tea, for dinner - a little good wine or brandy;


    During the expedition, with prior arrangement, we can organize fishing on a mountain lake or a mountain river, where there's good fishing lenok and grayling, from which it will be possible to cook excellent fresh dish called "saguday" with lemon and orange juice, or bake fresh fish on a fire;


    In the study area cellular network works well. As for negotiations between groups we use radio.

    Day 8

    1. Breakfast, after you can go fishing in a mountain lake or river, caught fish, is optionaly can be pickled specially for you, so you can take them home with you and at home at the dinner table, enjoying clean mountain fish, remember the expedition on snow leopard;


    2. The fees hike to the road (about 10 km, journey time about 6 hours), where will meet the individual transport. Possible descent on horseback, or return to Irkutsk by helicopter.


    Accompanying guides best facilitate tourists, or even help


    to bring all cargo.


    3. Mountain lunch or picnic before going;


    4. Transfer by a private car to Irkutsk. Check in at the hotel (the level of is discussed individually with each group), optionally – accommodation on the shores of lake Baikal in Listvyanka.


    Guests insured with Avia evacuation in case of an accident.

    Day 9

    1. Breakfast in the hotel restaurant, then head on a tour of Irkutsk:

    - survey of ancient churches of Irkutsk

    - visit the prison cell in which Admiral Kolchak was hold

    - a visit to the Museum of the exiled Decembrists


    2. Lunch, continuation of sightseeing:

    - visit to the estate of the Irkutsk mayor of the XIX century

    - visit to the icebreaker "Angara", which 100 years ago was transported to lake Baikal from Listvyanka to Tankhoy port, the trains that went people and ammunition for the army of the Russian Empire during the Russo-Japanese war of the early XX century

    - a visit to a reconstructed block of merchant architecture with souvenir shops, restaurants and Mall.


    3. Gala dinner in an ethnic restaurant. Return to the hotel.

    Day 10

    1. Breakfast in the hotel. Transfer by private car to the airport. Say Goodbye. Fly.

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