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hunting tours on Lake Baikal in Russia

Hunting Tours

Russian traditional bear hunting "in the lair"

Hunter and his accompanying tour huntsman quietly sneaks up to, in advance found, the bear's den. Approaching her, to ensure the safety of the Rangers block the exit of the den in advance of felled small trees - "zalom" and start to "Wake up" bear. The hunter shoots at the bear furious rushing out of the den. In this hunt the hunter shoots the torso of the bear, as it caught in the trees. In the case of a more athletic and risky options, "zalom" isn't done and give a chance to the beast to run out of the den.

Manchurian deer hunting "on a roar"

This is a very beautiful, aristocratic hunting. The deer with the onset of the rut begin to roar, attracting females or males to fight. This happens in the evening hours and before dawn. Hunters using the special monkey pipe imitate these sounds, thus alluring to the beast, the shot distance. And when the deer manages to outwit, eyes of the hunter is a stunning picture: – deer, graceful paces at the sound of the trumpet, he was breathing deeply, and his nostrils raised a cloud of air.... Truly - picture, stunning heart of the hunter!

Features hunting in Russia on Baikal

   Baikal nature is so unspoiled by civilization and varied that for hunters-tourists, the lake is becoming more attractive.


Moreover, hunting in Irkutsk region was recommended by the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin, in an interview with Outdoor Life.


The predominant part of the territory of lake Baikal is surrounded by preserve areas, where hunting is prohibited. And this greatly contributes to the improvement of the status of wildlife populations in the region. The fact is that in nature reserves animals are under close protection from hunting. However due to various reasons, including due to the increased number of animals migrate to the neighbouring hunting reserves, where hunting as time permitted. The result is a principle of hunting on lake Baikal in protected areas. Hunting animals in large numbers breed in protected areas, and then moved to places where they are carried out trophy hunting.


Hunting on lake Baikal requires the hunter be in good physical shape, inner maturity and courage. Hunting can take place in various weather conditions, over large distances, far from civilization, perhaps therefore, hunting on lake Baikal can be called the most extreme type of tourism possible.


Hunting on the lake, the hunter can meet a Siberian bear that in summer, in autumn taiga actively enjoying raspberries and cherries. On melted areas of the Baikal mountains to meet with Manchurian deer (the Baikal subspecies of red deer). On coastal rock ledges will see the beautiful musk deer is the smallest deer on the lake. In the dense forest and the fields can be viewed on the fox, wild boar, column, hare, ermine. Often in the taiga began to meet wild cat and lynx and is no less coveted trophy hunter - Wolverine. On the South of lake Baikal in large numbers inhabits a wild boar, and in the Northern part of the lake in marshy places of the taiga is often found moose. In addition, it will be possible to hunt wild reindeer that live in a willow areas on the North of lake Baikal from a helicopter to hunt the wolf, upland game (grouse, capercaillie, black grouse), a lot of the Baikal ducks and other game. And for a special romantics we organize the hunting tours for the valuable world-famous Baikal sable. After such a hunt camper will take home a memory crafted in shimmering skins, or a beautifully crafted stuffed sable, as a living frozen on the branch of the Baikal cedar.


Very exciting gambling and hunting on the lake with the dogs. We with pleasure will organize for You hunting with a traditional Siberian

hunters huskies, eagerly hunting for bear and deer, or more exotic without gun hunting with Russian hounds on a fox and hare.


Our company organizes both standard and individual hunting tours on lake Baikal. We sell tours in different budget, and is able to satisfy even the most demanding hunter for the organization of VIP-hunting. Provide full support for the import of hunting weapons into the country and export of the trophy. Conduct initial and end processing of trophies, including professionally produce stuffed animals, photo which we will send to you upon request.


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