"Giant Siberian Taimen" 2018

Fishing trophy tour on Lake Baikal

The highlight of the trip

Trophy fishing for the "king-fish" of Siberian rivers - taimen

Fishing for big pike on lake Baikal

Taiga steam bath on the shore of a mountain river

Professional guide who know the Taimen habits

Untouched nature of Northern Baikal

Travel geography

Journey to the North of lake Baikal and the fishing the most formidable predator of the Siberian rivers - taimen. Familiarity with the grandeur of the lake and beauty of the Siberian taiga. You will struggle with large fish (up to 20 kg or more) visits to the natural hot healing sources, sharing fishing experiences with accompanying of professional Rangers - siberian anglers, tasting the delicious local fish dishes, hot steam in the bath, on the shore of a mountain river. You will not only get one of the most coveted trophies the dream of many anglers, but also will get unforgettable impressions from variety of fishing with related fishing for a large arctic grayling and other siberian fish!

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