"Mountain lake Dozor-Nur" 2018

trophy fishing tour

The highlight of the trip

The abundance of fish and fish activity, accompanied by experienced Siberian anglers

The majestic mountain peaks of Tunka Valley

A real fishing expedition

Exotic Buryatia in Tunka valley. Tasting, Siberian fish dishes.

Possible photo hunt mountain goats and snowcock

Relax among unique Siberian nature

Travel geography

Travel to remote wildlife world, untouched by mankind, to the crystal clear mountain lake Dozor-Nur, fishing for the local fish (arctic grayling (up to 1.5 kg.) and lenok (up to 4 kg), taimen (up to 10kg)). You will be located among the most picturesque mountains in an authentic mountain cabin and taiga will do daily radial trips to the best "fishing spots" through the majestic mountains of Tunka valley. You will take a steam bath on the shore of rivers and taste traditional fish dishes of Soyotes (local people residing in these lands), you'll met their culture, will acquire a new fishing experience and new friends.

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