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fishing tours on Lake Baikal in Russia

Fishing Tours

For a giant Taimen

Tour expedition, where we take heart in catching 20 kg or more giant Taimen. Feel powerful blows on a big spinning Baikal pike. Will take a steam bath in the taiga on the shore of a mountain river, get acquainted with the professional siberian fishmen who will share with us his great experience in fishing for huge siberian Taimen. Plenty of different species of siberian fish are waiting for you. Sit with friends in the warm company around the campfire among unspoiled by civilization nature hard-to-reach places of the Northern Baikal.

Wild mountain lake

The lake which we go, is set among the breathtakingly beautiful mountains of Tunka Valley, very similar to the European Alps. Due to the small popularity of the lake and its inaccessibility, there is preserved the true nature and abundance of fish - arctic grayling, burbots and other siberian species. A true Paradise for the fisherman! It's so wild places that we will be able to see mountain goats and snowcock, carefree living in this area. In a tour accompanied by a professional chef, who will create culinary masterpieces!

Baikal night fishing

Perhaps the most authentic, dynamic and of course romantic fishing of all types on the Great lake Baikal. It earned its popularity among tourists primarily for its 100% profit (you will carry out of water almost one fish after the other), passion and brevity. This is a great vacation option for those who have been away on business in Irkutsk, the so-called fishing weekend. Despite the short duration of the tour, you will receive a lot of positive emotions from this fishing and just relax, energised by the lake.

Baikal Fishing

"from under the screw"


Specially designed tour that will allow in short time to experience all the delights of the Baikal recreation and fishing. Here are: fishing cruise, bath in a remote Baikal bay right on coast of the lake Baikal, tasting of traditional Baikal tinctures, cordial conversations with friends around the campfire and much more. This fishing tour is ideal for people who because of lack of time can not go on a fishing trip, or are on a business trip in Irkutsk. So we made this tour a very rich and vivid!

Baikal fishing features

Baikal attracts with its fish wealth of many anglers. It is home to more than 58 species of fish, many of which live only in lake Baikal and grow to an impressive large sizes. Many of Baikalian fish are noble, and belong to a valuable breed of fish. For sport-trophy fishing on the lake of most interest are the omul, whitefish, arctic grayling, lenok, taimen, burbot and pike.


Baikal fishermen generously adopts throughout the year, and fishing on the lake is equally interesting in different seasons. Summer on the blue clear water fish are caught from shore and from the ship. Our company also fishing cruises in the habitat of large pike, catch grayling and omul from the ship, conduct specialized fishing tours to remote and unspoiled places for 50 kg. trophy taimen-fishing on mountain lakes in the absence of large grayling, catch huge lenok on the tributaries of lake Baikal. In the winter time, when the Baikal is covered with ice, as well catch omul, grayling, pike, burbot and other fish. Ice fishing on lake Baikal is not less beautiful and interesting. There's even a kind of Baikal fishermen secrets - the fact that because of the known transparency of the ice of lake Baikal, the fish sees the fisherman, and decided to peck on his mind. Therefore, Baikal fishermen showered the area around the hole


snow, so that the fish have not seen them. Thus, the fisherman can carefully observe the fish looking into the hole, as she eagerly pounces on the bait is the peculiarity of the Baikal fishing, because clean water is so transparent like nowhere else!


A very impressive and spectacular fly-fishing on Baikal grayling is very active caught on dry flies. Well on a spinning catch pike and perch, lenok and grayling. But 2 methods of fishing on lake Baikal are outstanding, very authentic: fishing from under the screw and fishing on the spotlight. The fishing on the lake from under the screw is ship, that rests on the nose to the coast and continues to work as a engine. Wave forming by the working screw, wash out from under the stones lot of various organisms on which grayling feeds and produces a kind of effect of a bait. This "cloud" is going grayling and begins to feed actively. In these jets, and the fishermen throw their fishing rods, with an interval of 1-3 minutes pulling out big fish. Fishing on lake Baikal with spotlights even more romantic and exotic - it takes place at night. The ship sailed from the coast and directs the spotlight in the water column. In the light of the headlights from the mysterious depths of the lake begin to appear fabulous creatures. This light lure small crustaceans, which come to feed on the shoals of omul. And here begins a very active gambling and fishing. For a few hours of this Baikal fishing, one angler catches several dozens of Baikal Omul.


Still very interesting for fishermen tourists the Baikal taimen. It is carnivorous, grows up to 60 kg. weight. It is very respected species of the Baikal inhabitants. It is called the king of the Siberian rivers and in the old days was called anything else but "the beast". Due to the large size, this fish stops eating insects at an early age, starting to lead an exclusively carnivorous lifestyle. And already with age, begins to eat even the mice swam across the river, chipmunks and squirrels. Known cases where taimen attacked the seagulls and the ducks lost vigilance on the water. Taimen actively feeding in the twilight time, so it was in this period caught the largest specimens. Catch them on spinners and imitating mice bait. The Taimen bite is so strong that sometimes fishers get sloppy on the wet rocky shore, releasing the fish.


Very interesting on the lake, and spearfishing. Due to the high transparency of water in lakes, this hunt becomes a very entertaining and productive. Trophies can reach a weight of over 25 kg., it's sazan, pike, burbot, perch and other fish.


On lake Baikal every fisherman will find "their" fish. The abundance of fishing methods will allow even the inexperienced angler to unburden himself of the fishing on the lake, and for experienced fishermen to show their skills in the confrontation with the big fish. Our chefs will cook your catch to a traditional Baikal cuisine, you will taste it with the Siberian tinctures, the purest Baikal air will lure you to the fishing on the lake again and again!


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