"Baikal Fishing "from under the screw" 2018

fishing tour on Lake Baikal

The highlight of the trip

Active gambling fishing on Baikal large arctic grayling

Fishing cruise on the lake Baikal

Stay in the warm company of friends on a remote shore of lake Baikal

Tasting freshly caught grayling and Baikal tinctures

Steam bath right on the shore of lake Baikal!

Travel geography

It's bright for a short fishing trip was specially designed for those who for certain reasons cannot go on a long fishing tour at Baikal. It is a great option for people who are on business trip in Irkutsk! In this tour we will take a fishing cruise, with stops to visit the most beautiful places and real fishing on Baikal grayling "from under the screw". Then, right on the wild shore of lake Baikal we will take a steam bath in the taiga, after which it will be possible to rush in the depths of the crystal clear water of lake Baikal. We will taste traditional and freshly prepared dishes of grayling on the fire! On the Baikal fresh air in the privacy with your closest friends it will be a unique and awesome experience that will help to gain strength for new achievements!

  • Tour program (click to expand)

    Dates: June - October


    Basic duration: 2 days/1 night


    Group size: up to 18 people


    The number of accompany: 3 people


    Day 1

    1. Meeting with the guide in Irkutsk;


    2. Moving by the individual bus to Listvyanka (about 1.5 hours);


    3. A visit to the architectural Museum Taltsy village, where a unique collection of ancient Russian and Buryat huts, farmsteads and other buildings;


    4. Visit to the Baikal Museum in Listvyanka;


    5. Visit to the souvenir market. Lunch in a cafe with a traditional Baikal kitchen;


    6. Hike to the dock, where the ship is already expecting us (about 100 m); transfer by boat to the fishing spot, we can have a picnic on the deck of the ship. Fishing;


    7. Transfer by boat to a secluded Bay on the lake to picnic and a steam bath. A picnic around a campfire. Night on the ship;


    The class of a ship is determined individually with each group. In the base offer is the class ship "Yaroslavets". It was specially built to transport tourists and fishing on lake Baika. For greater passenger comfort, increased attention has been paid to the decoration of the cabins, was installed low noise engine, for long voyages and expeditions were set of additional fuel tanks and modern navigation. Convenient entrance to the forward cabin.

    The ship and the team have established themselves as professionals on whom you can rely in a variety of situations, respectful of personal space and the comfort of the tourists. Even when cruising in storm, conditions from tourists received only positive feedback. On the ship there are 2 full bathrooms (toilet/shower) and a mini sauna.

    Day 2

    1. Breakfast on the ship. The transition by the ship to Listvyanka or Irkutsk;


    2. Lunch on the deck of the ship;


    3. Transfer by the individual bus to Irkutsk (70 km, travel time 1.5 hours)

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