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Дорогие гости! В соответствии с пунктом 7 нашего договора о неразглашении личной информации, все отзывы, а так же фото и видео материалы туров, публикуются исключительно с Вашего согласия.

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Anonymous review


Siberia 2017

+ Excellent organization, logistics and interaction with the hunter are all well taken care of. Amazing environment, prime quality game.

Prof.hunters are knowledgeable and reliable, they know the place inside out, so the hunt they practice: certainly the highlight of my experience.


- A lot of "car time" instead walking and stalking preys in the forest. I understand the territory is too vast to be walked and game encounters would be sporadic. Yet, there's a chance to balance the search by car with a more individual involvement of the hunter, possibly with semi-automatic weapons instead of pump ones.

8.7 of 10



Brutal nature, good deer hunt

Never been at Baikal before and it was a good hunt and excelent excursion (i went there not for trophy only). Amazing people with ancient traditions, many nationalities live there, culture is very interesting (we saw even a buryat shaman ancient ritual of hunters initiation). Excursion part of my trip was excelent, Baikal is very beautiful place. BRS take 100% depo but my companion (he is not a hunter) unfortunately didnt take trophy but they honestly gave money for trophy back. He likes excursions most. So we recomend!

9.0 of 10



Capercailie hunt

Managers 5+. Hunters 5+ - true siberian Russian professionals. A lot of vodka, caviar, funny stories, a lot of trophies and amazing tasty soup!!!! )))) Also fishing at night from a boat - it was something wierd and unbelivable way of fishing - omul catching in ray of boat headlights!!!!!......a lot of omul!!!! Love Russia. Greetings from China (now from Sweden)

10.0 of 10



Мечта сбылась - рыболовная экспедиция на тайменя!

Эта поездка стала для нас осуществлением старинной мечты - многодневной рыболовной экспедиции с  друзьями на крупного тайменя. Было здорово! Природа очень красивая. Отдохнули прекрасно! В Москве такого нет...

8.0 of 10

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